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We are an independent, full service music publishing and rights company; vibrant, dedicated and fully focused on all aspects of music publishing and rights management.
Our story

Collect!© Music Publishers B.V. was founded as an independent music publishing company by its Managing Director Mark Wijnstekers in 2004.

Collect!© Music Publishers represents a wide variety of renowned international songs, music publishers & film/tv catalogs in various territories throughout the European continent as sub-publisher and a steadily growing range of international composers, writers and production companies who are signed to us exclusively for the world.

We have signed many international clients, writers and catalogues over the years and are proud to state that most of our clients stay with us for a very long time. Our aim is to be able to satisfy our client base to the fullest, not to be the biggest company in the market. Long-term relationships are what we look for with our clients….and working with some of the greatest music and composers in the process.

Our company values are:

Integrity , efficiency , accuracy , availability and creativity .

Our company motto: “ Success is….a choice ”.

Above all we like working with nice people ….who love great music!

Collect!© Music Publishers has extended its services as a BeNeLux publisher into multiple European territories over the past years and is now able to offer direct, multi-territory coverage (as a direct society member) of the main European markets for its clients in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, U.K., all the Scandinavian territories and Switzerland as well as a the whole of Europe through its direct partners.

We carry out an extensive number of activities once signed to us, depending on your catalog and songs or capabilities as a writer/composer and your specific desires.

Our network spans the entire world through a range of international sub-publishers who represent our catalogues and owned copryights in virtually all international markets.

Collect!© Music Publishers is a member of the Dutch  music  publishers association (NMUV) , Belgian music publishers associations (BMPA) and Independent Music Publishers Forum (IMPF).

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