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Synch – What have we been sync-ing of?

Licensing music for campaigns?

Licensing music for TV & film productions or commercial use in advertising (in short ‘synch’ -from synchronisation) is not something new, but has become more prominent in the recent years. We constantly license songs for campaigns in territories around the world , pitch songs for use in advertising-campaigns, movies, trailers and even toys and cards. Below is just a very short overview of some recent campaigns we have placed music in.

Licensing music for such use can be complicated and time-consuming, but we aim to help any client, agency or producer in finding a quick answer to a creative, commercial or budget request for any use to make sure a license can quickly be secured and professionally taken care of. In many cases we can help out on a “one stop shop”basis for master and publishing rights or help you to the proper master owner.

Feel free to contact us for more information on repertoire, fees and terms of use.

Below is an impression of some campaigns we’ve placed music in.

Film use and trailer Neem me Mee  Charles Aznavour’s “Emmenez moi”

Film & trailer Tatta’s 2  “Sensiz Olmaz”


Adidas Women’s World Cup 2023 “On a ragga tip”

Viaplay Scandinavia series “Thunder in my heart”

VRT Belgium -Met de wind mee “Anyway the wind blows”


Trailer use Caro Emerald “Stuck” in Dutch movie Foodies

New Zara Man spring campaign including “Blood Club” by Scalping

New Immudefense campaign including “Kung Fu Fighting”

Adamo’s “C’est la vie” in a Beer inspired videoclip on

Placement in Belgian TV series Like me of “Laat me (Ma dernière volonté)

A campaign for Linkedin UK including “Waiting on a song”




A new IKEA Belgium campaign

A German campaign for Google Phone

(Ofenbach “Rock it”)

European campaign with Dacia for their Duster model

(Ray Parker Jr. “Ghostbusters”)


An oldie but a goodie with Peugeot for the 108 model

(Caro Emerald “Tangled Up”)

Outdoor film tour teaser (Barbatuques “Baianá”)

Mixing drinks with music

(“Bensonhurst Blues”)

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Feel free to contact us for more information on repertoire, fees and terms of use.

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